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  • Black Forest

    Layers Of Chocolate Chiffon Filled With Whipped Cream And Cherry Variegates Covered With Whipped Cream And Tempered Dark Chocolate

    Whole ₱985 • Slice: ₱158

  • Blueberry Cheesecake

    Chocolate flavoured crumbs base topped with mixed cream cheese and fresh cream with blueberry toppings.

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱160

  • Choco Hazelnut Royale

    Layers Of Chocolate Chiffon Cake Filled With Choco Hazelnut Cream

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱155

  • Dolce Amore

    Layers of moist sponge cake with light and creamy chocolate flavoured pastry cream filling covered with rich white and dark chocolate ganache topped with delightful cream puffs.

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱155

  • Mango Almond Delight

    A Layer Of Mango Sponge Cake & Almond Meringue Filled With Mango Cream & Mango Fruit Inside.

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱168

  • Midnight Madness

    Layer Of Chocolate Chiffon Cake Filled With Luscious Cream Coated With Swiss Meringue & Candied Fruits

    Whole ₱890 • Slice ₱122

  • Sogño Al Pistacchio

    Layers Of Sponge Cake, Alomond Meringue And Pistachio Cream Covered With Pistachio Buttercream

    Whole ₱1150 • Slice ₱178

  • Tiramisù

    Layers of novarini biscuits dipped in coffee syrup topped with mascarpone cheese and fresh cream

    Whole ₱950 • Slice ₱185

  • Zuppa Inglese

    Layers of plain chiffon with Alchermes liquor syrup, plain custard cream and chocolate custard cream, topped with almond streusel crumbs and chocolate bits.

    Whole ₱1,150 • Slice ₱178