Authentic Italian Food Experience

A family that connect with the bridge of love the Italian tradition and the typical liveliness of the Filipino people, Chiara’s bridges two distant cultures that together creates a mix of authentic flavors that pleases even the most demanding palates.

Authentic Italian Food Experience

Chiara’s represents a family that connects thru the bridge of love of the Italian tradition and the typical liveliness of the Filipino people, two distant cultures but share the same passion, the LOVE FOR GOOD FOOD.

Passion in the search for quality raw materials, attention in the combination of taste and the love in the composition of the products to create authentic flavours that pleases the most demanding palates is what distinguishes Chiara’s.

Italian food has always been famous in the world for the search for the right balance between taste, simplicity and genuineness. This is made possible by ancient homemade recipes handed down over the years and Chiara’s wants to share this to the Filipino people.

Our mission is to spread the “Made in Italy” culture that guarantees freshness and authenticity from simple and healthy recipes, to ensure that everyone could live an “Authentic Italian Food Experience”

We share our passion for achieving our mission.

Tasty Ingredients

Anatomy of Gelato

A gelato never goes out of season! Integral to the country’s tradition, the gelato is always on the “must try” list of every tourist visiting Italy. Combining today’s modern methods with fresh, all-natural ingredients, we at Chiara’s are serving the well-loved Italian gelato to the Philippines.

Fresh Milk

100% Fresh cow’s milk


Pure honey, no additives


Made from 100% cocoa beans carefully dried and roasted


Refined white sugar made from 100% sugarcane

Fresh Fruits

The fruit flavours of our Gelato is 100% from fresh fruits

Milk Cream

Made out of fresh cow’s milk

Home made cone

Our own recipe, our own production


Seeds of almond from a typical Sicillian tree

Bourbon Vanilla

A.k.a. Madagascar Vanilla, one of the most high quality & aromatic vanilla species


Sicily is the largest region in Italy that produces Pistachio nuts

Hazelnut from Piemonte

We use pure Piemonte Hazelnut cream with our Gelato flavour

Delight in every Bite

Philosophy of our Gelato

Always Fresh

Here at Chiara’s, we offer a variety of taste and flavors. Our handcrafted gelato is guaranteed fresh daily, you’ll surely experience pure, creamy goodness in every bite.

Italian Concept

The story of this well-loved dessert traces back to 1565 in Florence, Italy. An architect Bernardo Buontalenti, called Maestro Bernardo delle girandole, innovated a sort of gelato-sorbet made from snow, salt, lemon, sugar, egg white and milk.

Thanks to him, we get to enjoy this milk or cream based frozen delight!

100% Natural

At Chiara’s, gelato is made with fresh milk, white sugar 100% from sugar cane, milk cream, pure honey and fruits. Most ingredients such as Pistachios and Hazelnuts come directly from Italy in order to provide you that superb, gelato taste.

Best Quality

TEXTURE: At Chiara’s, our gelato has a lush and silky feel on the palate. No ice crystals, ever. It’s just how the perfect gelato should be— rich and creamy.

VOLUME: The gelato production involves churning the mix a lot slower than in the making of ice cream. With less air introduced in the mix, the gelato ends up much milkier and denser than ice cream giving you more value for your money!

COLOR: A gelato is never flashy at Chiara’s. Made with all-natural ingredients, the gelato naturally lose pigment when combined with milk, cream, sugar and water during the process.

Experience Creaminess

Our Products

  • SMALL CUP (Up to 3 Scoops)
  • P120.00
  • BIG CUP (Up to 5 Scoops)
  • P200.00
  • CONE (Up to 3 Scoops)
  • P135.00
  • CIALDA (Up to 5 Scoops)
  • P220.00
  • GELATO TUB 750g (4 Flavors)
  • P999.00
  • P165.00
  • Tiramisù

    Layers of novarini biscuits dipped in coffee syrup topped with mascarpone cheese and fresh cream

    Whole ₱950 • Slice ₱185

  • Sogño Al Pistacchio

    Layers Of Sponge Cake, Alomond Meringue And Pistachio Cream Covered With Pistachio Buttercream

    Whole ₱1150 • Slice ₱178

  • Choco Hazelnut Royale

    Layers Of Chocolate Chiffon Cake Filled With Choco Hazelnut Cream

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱155

  • Black Forest

    Layers Of Chocolate Chiffon Filled With Whipped Cream And Cherry Variegates Covered With Whipped Cream And Tempered Dark Chocolate

    Whole ₱985 • Slice: ₱158

  • Midnight Madness

    Layer Of Chocolate Chiffon Cake Filled With Luscious Cream Coated With Swiss Meringue & Candied Fruits

    Whole ₱890 • Slice ₱122

  • Mango Almond Delight

    A Layer Of Mango Sponge Cake & Almond Meringue Filled With Mango Cream & Mango Fruit Inside.

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱168

  • Blueberry Cheesecake

    Chocolate flavoured crumbs base topped with mixed cream cheese and fresh cream with blueberry toppings.

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱160

  • Dolce Amore

    Layers of moist sponge cake with light and creamy chocolate flavoured pastry cream filling covered with rich white and dark chocolate ganache topped with delightful cream puffs.

    Whole ₱995 • Slice ₱155

  • Zuppa Inglese

    Layers of plain chiffon with Alchermes liquor syrup, plain custard cream and chocolate custard cream, topped with almond streusel crumbs and chocolate bits.

    Whole ₱1,150 • Slice ₱178

  • La Dolce Vita

    Combination Of Toast Bread Topped With White Chocolate Cream & Chocolate Gelato


  • IL Padrino

    Combination Of Toast Bread Topped With White Chocolate Cream & Pistachio Gelato


  • L ‘Ultimo Bacio

    Combination Of Toast Bread Topped With Hazelnut Sauce & Hazelnut Gelato


  • Otto É Mezzo

    Combination Of Toast Bread With Banana Fruit & Vanilla Gelato


  • Amarcord

    Combination Of Toast Bread Topped With Mango Sauce & Vanilla Gelato


  • Taste Of Paradise

    1 Scoop Hazelnut • 1 Scoop Pistacchio 1 Scoop Vanilla • 1 Scoop Extra DARK Whipped Cream • Whole Hazelnuts Chocolate Syrup • 2 Wafers • CIALDA


  • Colorata

    1 Scoop Chocolate 2 Scoops Stracciatella Whipped Cream • Chocolate Candies 2 Cialdas • Chocolate Syrup Strawberry Syrup


  • Coppa Fragola

    Mixture of Strawberry and Straciatella Gelato added with Rich Strawberry Variegates Topped with Whipped Cream and Strawberry Toppings, sprinkled with Brutti ma Bouni Granules with Extra Home Made Mini Wafer


  • Coppa Nocciola

    Mixture of Hazelnut and Straciatella Gelato topped with Whipped Cream and Chocolate toppings, sprinkled with Hazelnut granules with extra home made mini wafer.


  • Coppa Gianduia & Cioccolato

    Combination of Chocolate and Hazelnut Gelato topped with whipped cream and Gianduia toppings, sprinkled with Hazelnut granules with extra home made mini wafer.


  • Coppa Pistacchio

    Combination of Pistacchio and Vanilla Gelato topped with whipped cream and Pistacchio glaze, sprinkled with Pistacchio granules with extra home made mini wafer.


  • Mango Madness

    Combination of Mango and Vanilla Gelato added with fresh Mango cubes topped with whipped cream and caramel toppings, sprinkled with brutti ma bouni granules with extra home made mini wafer.


  • Lasagne al forno

    An original Chiara’s recipe derived by using Authentic Italian Style bechamel sauced mixed with bolognese meat sauce topped into layered lasagna pasta spreaded with mozarella and parmesan cheese.


  • Linguine al Tartufo

    Typical from Alba, Italy, an Authentic Italian recipe that uses “tartufo” (truffle) in cooking. Original truffle paste mixed with cooking cream and parmessan cheese added with bacon tossed in linguine pasta


  • Penne ai Funghi

    Penne Pasta with porcini mushroom cooked in thick cream topped with parmesan cheese.


  • Penne all’ Arrabbiata

    Penne pasta tossed with spicy chili and garlic cooked in tomato sauce.


  • Spaghetti all’ Amatriciana

    Famous recipe from the city of Amatrice, province of L’Aquila in the center of Italy. Tomato sauce with original guanciale ( typical type of bacon from Amatrice) and pecorino cheese sauteed in extra virgin olive oil.


  • Spaghetti alla Bolognese

    Authentic Italian recipe originated from Bologna, with grind meat and vegetables slow cooked in tomato sauce for minimum of five hours.


  • Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

    Typical from Napoli, tomato sauce with black olives, capers and parsley.



  • Spaghetti con Acciughe

    Anchovy and capers mixed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil tossed into Spaghetti pasta



  • Spaghetti Alla Marinara

    Squid, clams and shrimps cooked in Authentic Italian Style tomato sauce


  • Linguine Al Pesto

    Famous Authentic Italian recipe from the city of Genova province of Liguria in North Italy, a simple recipe made from fresh basil, pine nuts and garlic blended altogether with extra virgin olive oil tossed into linguine pasta.


  • Profiteroles

    3 Cream puffs filled with chantilly cream and topped with hot chocolate sauce.


  • Babà

    Italian savarin soaked in rhum syrup and filled with whipped cream.


  • Cannolo

    A famous Italian dessert from Sicily, Italy. Made from delicious cream of ricotta cheese, chocolate bits and dried candied orange wrapped into our home made cialda.


* Price may vary depending on store location

“Have you ever dreamt of visiting Italy and having a taste of its famous dishes?

Chiara’s food choices including gelato, cakes, pastry, pasta and panini, offers you the authentic Italian food experience that ‘ll surely make your dreams come true.”

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